This brainwave entrainment device stimulates different brain waves to allow for a deeper meditative state to create healing in the physical and emotional body. In activates the pineal gland and relaxes and activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Suggested Use: 30-60 minutes
Combination Treatments: Bemer, Light Wave


  • Deep relaxation
  • Heal the brain by activating alpha, theta, beta and gamma brain waves
  • Re-establishes the parasympathetic nervous system state for deep healing
  • Change old patterning and beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Stimulates the release of DMT from the pineal gland

Our Brains have been wired from birth to seek out pleasure and avoid danger and pain.  This isn’t just from early childhood/environmental triggers this is built into the limbic system of the brain that steers us away from pain.  Because of the overdeveloped “react” part of our brains from the myriad of daily life stressors we have been constantly conditioning our brains to have this as our set point.  Most of us aren’t actively working on teaching our brains more appropriate ways of responding.

Teaching our brains the meditative state is a lot of work for us all.  We often use excuses like: “I just can’t turn off my mind so therefore I can’t meditate”, “Meditation is boring”, “I don’t have time” or “I thrive off of stress because it’s how I get things done”.  Whatever the excuses may be, study after study proves the power of meditation for memory and cognition, depression and anxiety, performance and recovery, even to improving gut health and addictions and much more.  The list is long when it comes to the benefits of meditation.

Given that we all live busy lives, what if we could use a short-cut to this meditative mind that didn’t require the thousands of hours that Buddhists monks (for example) spend in learning this craft.  What if we could Bio-hack our way to developing this meditative muscle more quickly.  Well, we can using the power of brain wave entrainment and the Ajna light.  The Ajna light is a gateway to stimulating the melanopsin receptors in the brains pineal gland to create a hypnotic altered state in the brain.  This is a shortcut to build a pathway into a meditative space and will often deliver quite profound experiences for people even after just a few sessions.  As you spend more time with the light you deepen your own practice as you know the way into this space through your experience.

There are numerous programs with the Ajna light that are available to use depending on the needs of the individual.  The pineal gland is highly responsive to light and will behave in particular ways depending on the frequencies being delivered.  It is the frequency that delivers this entrainment pattern to the brain to allow the brain to induce a deep state of calm.  It is in these deeper brain wave states of alpha, theta, delta and gamma that we can start to repattern our brains.