The Metabolic Fix

Reset your mind, body, and your relationship to yourself and others in a program designed to shift your life

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        • More Energy
        • Longevity
        • Weight Management
        • Increased Mental Clarity
        • Reset Mind and Body

•Discover the reasons behind your weight gain
•Learn how stress and your mindset could be the thing that has been holding you back
•Strategies and tools you can implement right away
•Fix your metabolism and create flexibility

Biohack your Biology,
Upgrade your Cells,
Free your Mind

Longevity can be defined and looked at in many different ways. In the world we live in today we are faced with numerous factors that accelerate aging. Our children are faced with chronic diseases, from anxiety to diabetes and cancers, our elderly don’t have the quality of life they deserve to live out their years, and everyone in between is running on the hamster wheel just getting through the day not listening to the aches, pains, and signals their body is giving them.

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The Metabolic Fix

Meet the 4 week program that completely revolutionizes how we look at fasting! In just four weeks, your body can learn to heal itself naturally and create new stem cells.

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About this Event

With the recent events it is clear that we need community now more than ever. These 4 week programs not only shift people’s health and well being, but helps to create an on line community that will support you and be there for you to lean in your journey.

The last 5 programs were both immensely successful and we have decided to upgrade it to an entire new level of self reflection, self realization, and self care. As we dive into the science of fasting and detox, as we see people transform their bodies in such a short period of time, we recognize the mindset component is the key to keeping the weight off, to getting rid of brain fog, to have more energy, and to feel more like yourself again.

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Specialty programs


Say goodbye to hot flashes, insomnia and weight gain! Experience a new level of energy, balanced mood and improved libido with the proven Truebalance Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program.


Not your ordinary detox, this 5 step detox process will heal your body from inside the cell to out. The missing link to detox-fix the cell to get well!


Personalized programs to put you back in the driver seat of your health.


Individualize treatment plan tailored to you and your skin.



Longevity can be defined and looked at in many different ways. In the world we live in today we are faced with numerous factors that accelerate aging.


Enjoy a Nutritional IV Cocktail in comfy lounge chairs, while sipping on some tea or a protein drink, connecting with others, or watching your favorite Netflix series. Our IV lounge offers Nutritional cocktails for any ailments, from low energy to hydration after a fun night out! Call today and book your cocktail!

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