Let’s get to the Heart of the Matter

By Dr Sonya Jensen ND
We’ve all heard about Inflammation and the damage it can do to our bodies, and in particular to the heart. Statins, which are cholesterol lowering drugs, are the second most prescribed drug in Canada, with over 23 million prescriptions yearly!
Statins work by reducing the production of HMG CoA Reductase to reduce the production of cholesterol by the liver. So essentially it is a bandaid, the theory is by reducing the cholesterol, risk of heart disease should go down by 50%. But have you ever wondered what made your cholesterol production increase in the first place? Is it your lifestyle, your toxic exposure, genetics, your altered microbiome?
 Cholesterol is our body’s way of protecting us from inflammation and damage to the arterial walls. It is needed to create hormones and is one of the foundational components of all our cell membranes. So by taking a drug that lowers that production we are also lowering our body’s ability to protect itself. As of recent there have been several studies documenting the side effects of statins, from memory loss and increasing blood glucose levels to doubling the risk of Women for two types of breast cancers, invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma. [1]
So what are some ways that we support our Cardiovascular System? It starts first with knowledge. Learn about your body and what is creating inflammation.
What are the stressors you face today? Take not of the toxins are you exposed to daily, these can include products we use to the pesticides and glyphosate on our food. How do you respond to emotional stress? Is your day filled with a to do list or are you able to slow down and be present in your life?
Find out the status of your microbiome. There is so much we still don’t know about this topic, begin with the basics.  It starts all the way back to your birth. Were you a C section baby?, were you breastfed?, learn about how your early days and how they influence your health today. We are learning more about the different strains of bacteria that support different parts of the body and the mind. Find out what you need.
Dr Bruce Lipton has a great way of communicating the link between genetics and disease. We have the ability to turn these genes on and off according to our lifestyle and belief system.  This puts us in the driver seat when it comes to our health, we are no longer victim to the health of the generations before us but have the ability to create change towards great health. However, it is still important to know what your predisposition is to disease, this gives you the chance to prepare and prevent.
The following are some tips for a healthier and stronger heart!
1.Pomegranates and their juice: this powerful antioxidant has been proven to improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, and delay oxidation of LDL cholesterol in patients with coronary artery disease. Enjoy a cup a day!
2.Curcumin: this powerful antioxidant has shown to reduce incidence of atherosclerosis. It has been proven to reduce fatty deposits by 26% in just 16weeks of consumption.
3.MitoKit by Xymogen: this Medical grade supplement pack is filled with heart supportive nutrients. It contains alpha lipoic acid, Quercitin, resveratrol, arginine and more. All shown to strengthen the arteries, reduce inflammation and support blood flow.

[1] M. Goldstein & L. Mascetelli, Journal of Cancer Epidemiology. 2013


How many times does your self talk block you from living the life you desire. It can be easy to put value onto things that are outside of ourselves. When we purchase a new vehicle, we get regular oil changes, clean it thoroughly, by all the accessories to make it look our own, and even give it a little glance as we walk away with a feeling of pride…I own that. Do you give your body, the vehicle that takes you through life that same attention? Do you feel that same pride when you look in the mirror? Do you value your body as you do your car enough to take care of it?
I bet the answer is no. This isn’t something we are taught, not in school and not at home, and yet it is the foundation from which we make our decisions from, these decisions can be anything from relationships, to careers and even the food we eat. Our self-talk and beliefs around what we are worth help us attract experiences in our lives that will directly mirror that for us. This same self-talk will even tell us if we are worth the investment when it comes to our health.
So ask yourself this question. Am I worth it? See what comes up. Is it a physical reaction? Is it a voice from your childhood telling you, you are not enough? Or are you making a conscious decision to put yourself last because there just isn’t enough time, money, or support?
Whatever the reaction, know you have a choice when you feel it, hear it, or choose it. In every moment there is a choice to choose a better version of yourself. One that is in the driver seat making life happen for you instead of to you. Why wait until tomorrow, the time is now, decide. Am I worth it? And see how life begins to respond!
Join Dr Sonya Jensen ND next Thursday as she dives into this very question. Am I worth it?! Learn tools to deal with those inner voices and shift them to create the life you really desire!


Weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, mood swings, irregular cycles, depression, and a general sense of not feeling like yourself. How many of you have felt this way or know someone who has? These common symptoms that we see daily in our practice have a common denominator, the thyroid gland.

There can be several reasons for why the thyroid decides to slow down, anything from pregnancy, chronic stress, to a secondary reaction to other diseases. You may know someone that has been on medications like Synthroid for years and yet is still feeling the same as before. Why is that? Why after giving your body the hormone it needs would you still not be able to lose weight, have energy to play with your kids, and all the other symptoms that go along with having a sluggish thyroid? The answer….cell inflammation.


When the cell is inflamed the messages from your hormones are not getting through, leaving you feeling just as you did before ever going on the medication. We hear stories all the time about how patients are exercising, eating all the right foods, have mindfulness practices and yet can not seem to get the results they know they can achieve.

The following video gives you insight into those exact questions! Get the answers you need today! Register for our Detox your Cell Event and learn more about how you can fix your hormones, increase your energy, and feel like yourself again! Click Here to Watch Video



It’s the start of a new year and the perfect time to commit to your health. It is also a good time to reflect on what works for you when it comes to achieving your health goals. There is so much information out there especially in the form of detoxification and about what to do and what not to do, how do you choose for yourself? How do you know if you are on the right track?
After the holidays there is sometimes an urgency to detox, workout, and get rid of that extra holiday cushion, but in that urgency we forget that lasting health doesn’t occur in a week long detox, it plants a seed and creates some changes, but the real detox happens when you commit to yourself and your health. So ask yourself this, are you interested in your health, or are your committed?
If you’re committed then we have some answers for you! Most detoxes address what we call the downstream pathways. They focus on the bowels, the liver and even the lymphatics, which are all important systems needing support. What if we told you that your could go a step further than that? What if you could access your cells and detoxify at a cellular level to create lasting change? Well you can!

Every organ and system in your body relies on the cell for fuel and communication. It is the cell that gives the orders and direction to the rest of your body, how much energy to create, what to metabolize, and even which hormones to use and when. So if the cell is toxic then there is improper communication between you and your nutrients. This results in fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, irritability, thyroid issues and so much more. In order to get well you have to work on the cell.
The interference, the obstacles that allow dis-ease to creep up, that block the body’s healing ability, are different today than they were 30 years ago. When you begin to understand the assault we’re under by toxins in our environment, our food, our homes, and our workplaces, you begin to understand why dis-ease is at an all-time high, and you also intimately begin to understand the need to protect ourselves and . . . to detoxify the cell.
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