If we don’t test you we can’t track you and if we can’t track you we can’t properly teach/treat you.

Lab testing is a vital tool to determine both a diagnosis but also a progress on any given therapy. Depending on the condition, there are great tools at our fingertips for both assessing someone early on in their health process and for maintenance and adjustment as time goes on.

Many tests that are offered through our Naturopathic Clinic are not offered through the conventional model of healthcare. Though we do value and complete a lot of the basic MSP-based testing we are often also looking for specific tests not commonly requisitioned in this model. We are also not just looking for obvious levels out of range. We want to compare your markers over time and see if you are veering too far from the Midline.

Outside of the Basic MSP testing, we frequently request hormone blood work, heavy metal testing, Organic acid testing, micronutrient testing, genetic testing and more. For a more complete list of lab tests offered refer to our specialty page here.