Vitamin IV Therapy

What is IV therapy?

It is a safe and effective use of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, enzymes, hormones and other naturally occurring molecules given directly into the blood stream.

Orthomolecular medicine aims to restore the optimum environment of the body by correcting imbalances or deficiencies based on an individual’s biochemistry. By stabilizing one’s biochemistry, many diseases or imbalances may be mitigated or avoided. Determining the right treatment for each person depends on their genetic and environment factors that they are exposed to.

What does an IV therapy protocol look like?

Each treatment is selected specifically for the individual patient. It may change as the patient’s health changes. It is used in a way to best support the recovery of a patient and prevent disease. In some cases, other medications and supplements are added to the treatment protocol. Many successful programs involve diet and lifestyle modifications as well, in order to maximize the positive results.

Treatment Protocol

  • Before any IV is given, a patient’s medical history is taken, and the patient has a consultation with the doctor. This allows the doctor to make sure that the IV treatment is right for the patient, and also to educate the patient on the therapy. This also allows the patient time to ask any questions they may have.
  • A health assessment is taken and therapy is discussed with the patient. Certain lab testing may be required prior to certain Vitamin infusions.
  • Once it has been decided that IV Vitamin therapy would be beneficial for the patient’s health, a series of treatments are scheduled based on the doctors recommendations. The infusion is given over 20 to 60 mins (depending on the IV) while the patient sits comfortably in an IV reclining chair.
  • During the IV, it is not uncommon to feel a cold or heavy sensation in your arm. This is because the vitamins are kept in the fridge and are colder than body temperature. During the IV some patient’s experience a warm sensation over their entire body, and occasionally taste some of the vitamins in their mouth.
  • After the intravenous administration, some may feel a bit tired as the muscles begin to relax. Most patients experience a boost of energy within 24 hours and this may last for several days

Optimizing the Benefits of IV Therapy

  • Many people who use IV therapy also have a supplement regimen, exercise regularly and modify their diets. It makes sense to modify lifestyle to optimize health on as many levels as possible. Most individuals use oral supplementation to help supplement and maintain the benefits of their IV therapy.
  • IV therapy is excellent for giving a “boost” of vitamins and nutrients to the system, and the oral supplementation helps to maintain an increased level of the vitamins and nutrients in the body.
  • Each patient has an individualized treatment plan and may need to come more or less regularly depending on their health condition and goals.