Most detoxes you hear about focus on downstream detoxification targeting the liver, gut, and lymphatics. This is an important step in detoxification as it ensures that the emunctories or the pathways of elimination are open and ready to get of rid of toxins. However, the missing link with all of these is the upstream detoxification process that happens at the cell.

If you think about the analogy of the street sweeper as the downstream detox, sure it is cleaning the streets but the dirt and dust are lifted into the air making their way into your cells. When the cells are inflamed and toxic it is difficult for hormones and nutrients to send messages into the cell to nourish our DNA and for optimal health of that organ.

The Detox Fix program is a unique program in that it covers all aspects of detoxification, downstream and upstream and also the third which is the brain. In this program you not only receive tools to help you detoxify your cells but also an opportunity to really take charge of your health.


  • 3 months of coaching on detoxification
  • 2 naturopathic visits
  • Monthly follow ups
  • Access to portal of knowledge including videos and articles to educate you on your health
  • A 90 day meal plan including shopping lists and recipes
  • Targeted supplements for the basic 90-day program.
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