Project Description


February 25th to March 1st 2020


We all need to learn how to receive. We live in a world of doing and get caught up in the everyday grind just trying to get through the day. When caught up in the hamster wheel all we know is how to survive, and not actually thrive to be our best. What this retreat or wellness vacation will do is allow you to immerse yourself in an environment that allows you to rest, rejuvenate, and receive. Receive clear 2020 vision to create the life you choose and you deserve!

Join Drs Nicholas and Sonya Jensen as they take you on a lifestyle journey through yoga and mediation to shift your old patterns that keep you stuck. Learn ways to biohack your body and cells to live a healthy and vibrant life. Together with life coach Andrea and Jake Siebert they will get you reconnected to yourself and all your relations so you can go back to your life feeling steady and unshakable!

6 Day Retreat Designed just for you!

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation
  • Farm to table Meals ( guided fasting available)
  • Self, Health, Relationship Mastery
  • Optional Surfing
  • Optional Spa Treatments
  • Break away from old patterns and beliefs
  • Consciously create the life you want and deserve!
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