How We Can Support You Through Conception

  • Learn what your body needs for Healthy Conception
  • Get an understanding of how the Reproductive System works
  • Empower yourself through the knowledge of what your body needs and may be lacking
  • Get Science based Testing to Create the most optimal environment for conception
  • Learn about Herbs and Nutrition that can support you on this journey to healthy reproduction
  • Feel Supported and Nurtured through one of the most important times of your life!

Many couples today are faced with challenges in fertility. We understand how important it is for each couple to feel supported and understood. We use science based testing and individualized treatment plans to support both men and women.

There can be various reasons as to why there are obstacles for some couples to conceive. We aim to create the most optimal environment for both you and your child for conception to take place. With the right guidance couples can count on us to help them get to their optimal level of health both physically and emotionally.

Before the first visit we will send you to get a series of blood work done to get a baseline of where your body is. This gives us more information and will help guide your health plan. In the Initial Visit we will go over a thorough history and how Naturopathic Medicine can support you. Together we will decide on the most optimal treatment plan with either Acupuncture or Intravenous Vitamin and mineral treatments. A nutritional plan will also be provided and specific Herbs and Vitamins will be suggested to bring the body back into Hormonal Balance.

Naturopathic Medicine works well with IVF treatments. We see the importance of working with the Medical System so couples feel supported from all of their health care providers. We can work along side fertility clinics for optimal fertilization and a healthy pregnancy.

We understand the importance of this path for your family and we hope to create a supportive environment where you feel comfortable and cared for.

Your Affirmation

I am a creative, sensual, fertile, sexual being who can nourish others while taking care of my own needs.

I am receptive to a soul incarnating through me, if it be thy will.

The creative energy of the universe gives birth through me, and I accept.