Women Revived – A Hormone Reset We All Need

It’s not just in your head, it’s not because you are aging, its because we haven’t given your body the tools it needs to heal!


It’s not just in your head, it’s not because you are aging, its because we haven’t given your body the tools it needs to heal!

Have any of you noticed that any gathering you have with your girlfriends, the topic of hormones comes up? PMS, hot flashes, short term memory loss, low libido, night sweats, fibroids, irritability, and an overwhelm of not feeling like yourself. We have all been there. These sympotms are how our body communicates that it needs help. Forever Women have been dealing with hormonal imbalances that create havoc in their relationships to themselves and to others.

I am here to tell you that there are answers, and although these symptoms have been normalized in our culture, we need to understand that they are not! Hormones are messengers, they carry out the instructions they are given by the brain, the environment, toxins, and even our thoughts.

Join me for this 4 part live webinar series to learn all you need to know to get your life back. I have been working with Women for a decade now and have compiled together information that you need to be the best version of you!


Clarity about your body and hormones

Wisdom around the effects of emotions and thoughts on your physical health

Tools you need to stay healthy and vital in the chaos of life



Hormones 101-The Rushing
Woman Syndrome

In this class I will be educating you on all your hormones and how they function in your body. Most importantly how dysfunction in this system can manifest for you as an individual with your own unique genetic imprint. We as women have come a long way in the last few decades, however, some of that change has happened by sacrificing our well being. We live in a constant state of rushing from one task to the next, wearing our to do lists as a badge. It isn’t until we are physically unable to keep up with our minds that we seek help and support. Let’s end this cycle and learn about our physiology and how we can hack it to live the life we want!


The 3 Legged Stool-Detox and
Fasting for Hormone Optimization

Learn about different factors that may be contributing to your symptoms. Dive deep into understanding the effects our environment and even our emotions have on our physical body. I will teach you new perspectives that you have not heard before about hormonal health and how to take your power back!


Change your Thoughts and Change
your Hormones

This is my favourite class of all. Our mindset and how we perceive our reality has a direct influence on how the messengers, our hormones, decide to behave. Will you activate hormones to stay in a state survival or are you able to connect to yourself to release messengers that will help you thrive? Learn tools on how to thrive in today’s world as a Woman trying to do it all!


Your Tool Kit- Nutrition,
Supplemental Support, and More!

In this class we will dive into the tools you need to create lasting change for you and your loved ones. I will outline the use of certain supplements and strategies to keep your hormones on track, including ancient healing practices such as fasting, yoga and meditation. We will also look at how a ketogenic diet specifically for women can help with hormone optimization. If I can teach you to take care of yourself I will have a hand in creating a ripple effect in your community. As others see you thrive so will they.

1 Q&A meeting to ask all your questions!

This Q&A will give you an opportunity to ask questions that you have about your hormones and your health.

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