• Are you tired?
  • Feel as though you’ve lost your edge?
  • The sense of vitality is not where it used to be
  • Noticing a spare tire around the midline and softness in the chest?
  • Can’t remember a healthy libido
  • Feeling irritable and a flat mood?
  • Making too many trips to the bathroom at night?

Men are notorious for thinking if it’s not broken don’t fix it. You tend to let things get out of control before starting to take action. Men usually need to see objective information in order to make decisions about their health. We do our best to encourage our male patients to take a proactive stance and step out of the old paradigm and begin to focus on how you can be your best.

Men are doers and fixers. Men often try to fix those around them before themselves. And for these reasons, there needs to be an emphasis on helping to heal yourself so that you can be more available for your family and network. Men do need to step into the true role of doing by teaching through example.

It’s our job to test, educate and deliver results for our male patients. It’s important to understand and more importantly experience the role that Nutrition, Hormones, Exercise, Supplementation, R&R have on the health of the body. When these tools are put into practice we can become the men we came here to be.

Testing includes:

  • Body Composition
  • Hormones
  • Vitamin and Minerals
  • Cardiovascular Markers
  • Food Sensitivities/Allergies
  • Toxicity Screen