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The Rushing Woman Syndrome


Studies have shown that Women physically handle stress differently than Men. After a stressful event the cells in the brain that bind stress hormones for women stay activated long after an event, where as in Men they deactivate immediately. This may be referring to a big event but in today’s world we are in a constant state of stress just trying to get through the day. In comes ‘The Rushing Woman Syndrome” coined by Dr. Libby Weaver. This “Syndrome” is one we can all relate to. So what does that mean to you and how does this manifest in your mental and physical health?

In my 7 years of practicing and working with women, I have seen it show up as anxiety, infertility, PMS, digestive issues, depression, skin flare ups, the list can go on forever. So why do we put so much on our plate? Why do we feel the need to please others at the expense of our own health? And most importantly how do we stop this viscous cycle so we can begin to live the life we want and deserve?

Well here’s your chance! Join Dr Sonya Jensen and her team for their EVERY-DAY Woman Workshops. The first workshop will dive into exactly how these patterns of stress in every day life influence our health and well being. You will learn tools that you can incorporate immediately to help you walk through the challenges of everyday life with ease.


What to Expect-

Yoga taught by Dr Sonya Jensen

Feel empowered by the knowledge you gain about your health

Lots of Girl Talk

and FOOD!!!


October 27th @6:30pm

Call and Reserve your Spot!!



The Secret to Hormonal Weight Loss Talk

Wednesday, May 25 from 7:00PM – 8:30PM
Pure Integrative Pharmacy
238 Robson Street, Vancouver

The best kept secret to weight loss can be experienced through balancing the hormonal system together with proper detoxification. Learn the benefits of how bio-identical hormones and your unique treatment plan can unlock your ideal shape. Identify the signs and symptoms that will bring you the answers to a leaner, more energetic you. This talk is perfect for those wanting to get fit for the summer season, and beyond!


    • Why your basal body temperature needs more attention
    • The thyroid’s role in metabolism
    • Why and how to detox properly to maximize the weight loss effect
    • Why and how to implement a targeted Bioidentical Hormone Program

Hormone Talk Dr Jensen poster May 25.16

Got Stress? Who Doesn’t?! Especially with the Holidays!

What is Stress?

According to the Mayo Clinic Stress is defined as; a physical, mental, and emotional response to a challenging event-not the event itself. Often refereed to as the fight-or-flight response, the stress response occurs when you feel threatened. Stress, whether positive or negative, is a normal part of everyone’s life. Negative stress, however, diminishes your quality of life.


Notice the emphasis on response. When we react to these external or internal stressors it gives our body signals to release certain hormones to deal with these stress triggers. The triggers may always be there but how we respond to it determines the state of our health.

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5 Ways to Gross the Kids out this Halloween and 99$ IV’s this Saturday!

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3 Ways Sugar Affects Your Body, 5 ways to Completely Gross Your Kids Out
and Then….Introducing the Switch Witch!

For several years, it’s been all the rage to eat a low fat diet. It has been suggested to reduce cholesterol, keep you healthy and at an optimal weight. However, over the last little while, research has found that we in fact need fat and it is sugar that has been causing havoc all along.

Your brain is composed of 60% fat. That’s more than half! Thus, good fats are needed to support the brain, the nervous system, and for your hormones that play vital roles in over all health. Some of our favourite fats include fish oil, avocado, flax oil, and nut butters.

On average Canadians are consuming 110grams of sugar per day – that’s equivalent to 26 tsps! So why is this stat so important? How does sugar really affect your body?

Halloween is just around the corner and parents are probably thinking about creative ways of convincing their kids not to eat the candy they collect.

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