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Detox With The Docs Program

Three things you should know when starting a Detox Program

Digestion is the seed of our health. How we digest food is how we digest life. As Naturopathic Doctors we educate each and every patient about the importance of their digestion and how this one system can affect the well being of the whole. If we are not absorbing our nutrients, the body isn’t receiving the nourishment it needs to not only heal but to live optimally. One of the ways you can assure your digestive system is working for you and not against you is through a detox program specific to your needs.

Detoxification is defined as the process of removing toxic substances and qualities. Throughout the day we are exposed to all sorts of toxins,; these toxins include pesticides and preservatives from foods, cosmetics, mold, hormones from food and water, chemical cleaners etc. Chronic stress due to work, relationships, children, and finances send a cascade of problematic stress hormones that also need to be detoxified.

1. Your body is Constantly Detoxing:

    • Imagine for a moment the analogy of your body as a bucket. With chronic exposure to the different forms of toxins your bucket would get so full that it would spill over the rim. The overflowing bucket is your body not being able to handle that toxic load. This would then show up as symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, constipation and diarrhea, bloating and gas, eczema, autoimmune conditions etc. Therefore, the body just like the bucket would need pathways for elimination to decrease the toxic load. These pathways are represented in the body as emunctories. The primary emunctories include the liver, kidneys, Intestines, stomach, pancreas, lymph and Lungs, and the secondary emunctories are the skin and mucous membranes. These pathways of elimination work together to create a nontoxic environment in the body. If any of these are not functioning optimally the body creates symptoms because the bucket is just too full.

    2. Your Liver is working harder than it Needs to:

    • The liver has a Phase I, and Phase II detoxification pathway that helps your body deal with anything from hormones to alcohol. There are critical enzymes involved in detoxification, these are called Cytochrome P450 Enzymes. These enzymes take the toxins and convert them into something even more toxic for the body. In order to neutralize these toxins they have to be conjugated to essential vitamins and minerals to convert them into a less toxic watersoluble form now ready for elimination. If either one of these phases are up or down regulated by either diet or toxicity it will increase the load on the liver not allowing it to do its job. Therefore, the symptoms that may show up in the body will be even more aggressive. With today’s culture of fast paced lifestyles followed by eating for convenience rather than nutrition most individuals lack the proper support the liver actually needs. There are specific nutrients that can help support both of these phases for optimal detoxification. For Phase I-Cruciferous Vegetables, B6 Vitamins, Milk Thistle and Magnesium. For Phase II-Glutathione, Tumeric, B5 Vitamins, and Whey Protein.

    3. It’s not just about the Liver!

    • There are two other major systems that are not given much attention when it comes to detox, the Kidneys and the Lymphatic System. The Kidneys are now considered to be Phase III Detoxification and is dependent on your body’s pH levels. For proper detoxification the body needs to have an optimal ph level around 7.4. The standard diet however creates more of an acidic environment in our bodies, creating opportunity for toxins and infections that can manifest disease. Foods such as soda, coffee, beef, fried foods, dairy and alcohol contribute to an acidic environment. Where as foods like root vegetables, leafy greens, garlic and lemon create an alkaline environment.
    • Your Lymphatic System plays a role in transferring lymph, a clear fluid containing White Blood Cells responsible for ridding the body of toxic waste and other unwanted material. When congested, the Lymphatic System will disrupt both digestion and the respiratory system creating inflammation and mucous formation. In order optimal lymphatic flow your lifestyle must include regular exercise such as yoga, you should eliminate food sensitivities, get lymphatic massages, and learn to go with the flow!
    • The bowels tell the entire story! As a Naturopathic Doctor I always ask the question, how often are you having a bowel movement, what is the consistency and color of your stools. This tells me how well your body is detoxifying, what your dietary intake is like and if there are any imbalances in the levels of bacteria in your gut. This will tell us that it’s time to make a change in your nutrition plan.

    We love the Clear Change Program because it up regulates Phase 1 , Phase 2 and phase 3 ( Kidney) detoxification processes. With a targeted nutrition and movement plan all pathways of elimination are ready to work for you instead of against you!

    Metabolism Part 2

    Hi there Dr. Nick Jensen from Divine Elements Naturopathic Family and Wellness. I’m a Naturopathic Physician guiding my patients to their best health with natural medicine and what I‘m really excited about is about educating in lifestyle medicine so that you can have more energy, better quality of life and stop illness before it starts and in more serious cases reverse illness once it takes control.

    So in the last video we talked about metabolism and food as information and I just want to flesh out the actual steps of how this information can support or not support the body.

    The first step is eating foods high in bad fat, high in sugar, high grains, low vegetable intake, empty calorie diets - all these things lead to information or they show up as information that then can become inflammation in the body. And secondly, what happens is this inflammation when out of control starts to lead to something called gut permeability; meaning food can pass the intestinal barrier more easily, as can bacterial by-products and other toxins that are in the gut. Once this gets into your blood stream, then your adipocytes or fat tissue start to gobble up the toxins and they start to accumulate in the fat cells and as that diets persists what happens is; the fat cells actually expand and the cells and insulin receptors and leptin receptors start to become inefficient meaning, we feel more hungry, we have inappropriate blood sugar control and basically this just perpetuates a chronic inflammatory process.

    So this isn’t just happening in the fat cells, it also happens in the muscle cells. So basically, the receptor sites for these hormones start to become less available and less function-able, meaning our muscle cells have an impaired metabolism.

    In this case, you may notice either yourself or other people discuss, it doesn’t matter how much exercise they just can’t lose weight and it’s because there is too much of this information turning into inflammation in the body meaning, the systems start to shut down. So as this process perpetuates and continues, that causes something called lipotoxicity, so there becomes an influx of white blood cells into our blood system into the muscle system into the fat system that tries to eat up all the toxicity that is being burst out of the cells because of a lower metabolism. Then the excess fat and/or by-products start to deposit in different organ systems and arteries and various other things. So therefore, the whole bodies mechanism for health starts to deteriorate.

    So what does this look like? This looks like low energy, chronic fatigue, obviously increased weight gain, increased hunger, never really feeling satiated and it can show up as: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer etc, etc. You get the picture. It’s a downward spiral and it’s usually something that takes years to develop.

    So now that I’ve scared the fat out of you, in the next few videos we’ll be discussing strategies on how to reverse this metabolic issue that you can regain power of your metabolism and feel like you can regain control of your health again as they are completely tied together. So thanks for watching, Dr. Nick Jensen here from Divine Elements Naturopathic Family and Wellness. I’m a Naturopathic Physician guiding my patients to their best health with natural medicine. Take care.


    Hi there, Dr. Nick Jensen here from Divine Elements Naturopathic Family and Wellness. I’m a Naturopathic Physician guiding my patients to their best health with natural medicine and what I‘m really excited about is about educating in lifestyle medicine so that you can have more energy, better quality of life and so you can learn to prevent illness before it starts and in those cases where illnesses are already set in teach you how to reverse it so you can gain control again of your life.

    Today’s topic is discussing metabolism and the three main factors that impede a healthy metabolism.
    So number one is to look at food and this if the most obvious one for most of us and I love the analogy of food as information and not just as a fuel. The reason this is so important is because depending on how we’re eating food can either be a, or food will always be a signal for something in the body and in cases with an unhealthy diet there will be a signal for inflammation so diets high in unhealthy fats, sugars, process foods etc. etc. will create an increased inflammation signal in the body that has a direct effect on shutting down your metabolism.
    Tip number two is to look at the hormonal system. We talk about hormones a lot being a hormone clinic of course but these are critical for metabolism so your adrenal, your thyroid and the main sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, testosterone all have a significant impact on your metabolism so getting things in balance will have a direct effect on how your body loses or gains weight.

    Tip number three is to look at detoxification. So our bodies are constantly being bombarded with external toxins so pollution, pesticides, GMO foods, alcohol, too much caffeine, medications; all of these things play a huge role on overwhelming our systems so and when that’s the case what do? Well you talk to your Naturopathic Doctor about doing a detox. So along with the benefits of supporting a healthy metabolism, detox obviously helps with clearing your skin, having more energy, improving your digestion.

    So these are my top three ways to make sure are in check when you’re supporting a healthy metabolism.
    Dr. Nick Jensen here. Thanks for watching, helping you to transform disease to wellness with ease.

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