The holidays are close and they can bring with them lots of joy and sometimes lots of stress! From last minute Christmas gifts to multiple gatherings there is a lot of “doing” rather than just being with those we love. Kids are off school, routines are thrown off and as much as Christmas is a time where we are with our families connecting and having fun, it is important not to get so thrown off that it effects our physical health. So here are some tips to help you get through and come out on the other side with some ease!

Herbs and Vitamins to Help Reduce Stress

Ashwaganda:the “Indian Ginseng”, this Ayurvedic herb acts as an adaptogen and as a tonic herb increasing our to cope with stress. This herb works to support the adrenal medulla, the part of the adrenals that secretes the hormones adrenaline ( epinephrine) and nor adrenaline ( nor epinephrine), which are responsible for the rapid increase in nervous system and metabolic activity involved in the general adaptation system.

Rhodiola:this is great adaptogenic herb that helps you cope with stress both physically and mentally.

Vitamin B5: the active form of B5, coenzyme A is involved in the Kreb Cycle in the production of ATP, which is required for proper functioning of the adrenal glands. It is also involved in the production of steroids from the adrenals.So in a nutshell, reduce levels of stress!

Top 3 Stress Reducing foods:


Foods high in Vitamin C aids in steroid hormone synthesis, which is needed to cope with stress.

Green Vegetables:

nourish the body and create balance to help respond to stresses rather than react

Sweet Potatoes:

When under stress the body is depleted in minerals specifically in potassium. Sweet potatoes are high in potassium and are also a great substitute for that carbohydrate craving under times of stress.

Yoga and Meditation

Enough cannot be said about how yoga and meditation can help you in times of stress. By incorporating a daily practice you can create an automatic response that will engage your parasympathetic rather than your sympathetic nervous system. This can keep you calm through any storm and help elevate others around you to.
Choose what works for you and incorporate a practice into your holiday routine, your body and mind will thank you for it!