Have you ever sat at the dinner table in front of a delicious meal and had the thought, 10 years ago eating this same meal would not have any effect on my weight and now just the thought of a bread crumb and I am instantly bloated, uncomfortable and even a few pounds heavier! Well you are not alone. A lot changes over the years, every decade has a theme and it doesn’t seem to get easier. Our aging body seeks more attention and forces us to choose better, not just once in a while but instead demands a daily commitment of congruent healthy actions.

So what exactly is happening? I can give you 3 reasons why I think we have to work smarter at keeping ourselves healthy and vital and 3 strategies that will keep you moving in the right direction.

1. Toxicity, Toxicity, Toxicity!

There are various ways that toxins find there way into our bodies and minds. From the pesticides on our foods to the makeup on our faces and the products in our hair, we are covered and exposed to hormones disrupting and cancer causing toxins from the minute we wake up to the moment we sleep. So how do toxins contribute to weight gain? Mercury toxicity for example will deplete the body of selenium, a precursor to glutathione a potent antioxidant for the liver, it is also involved in the conversion of T4 to T3 which is our usable form of thyroid hormone that essentially turns our cells on. It is the messenger that gives the go ahead to create energy and use it to metabolize and ignite our fire. Adipose tissue not only stores fat but also stores toxins. As toxins are fat soluble the adipose tissue functions as a modulators for toxins or as a storage unit. Another source of these toxins is our food supply. The pesticides on our fruits and vegetables mimic estrogen in the body leading to hormonal disruption and confusion. Leading us to our second reason, our hormones!

2. Hormones and Stress

Who today doesn’t have stress in their lives? I am going to guess the answer is no one, however one could argue that they are not affected by some stressors as other may be. When we are under stress the body releases hormones to create a “fight or flight” response to deal with the “danger”. In order to deal with this response we convert our nurturing hormones that provide nourishment to hormones like cortisol, which may help in the short term but create havoc in the long. We are living in a culture where running around keeping busy is glorified, what you may not know is that this very particular hormone, cortisol can create the perfect environment for more fat tissue. Cortisol is known to influence insulin sensitivity, and play a role in adipocyte differentiation, essentially helping the fat cells replicate themselves.

3. Mindset is everything

Our belief in ourselves influences everything, it can change outcomes when trying to reach a certain goal, it can take you off track if you feel you are not worth the effort, it can even evoke emotions of shame, guilt, anger, and frustration resulting in self sabotage. What we have been taught growing up or more accurately what we have observed from our surroundings begins to shape our view of the world and of ourselves. It is not an easy task but a necessary one to start creating new pathways that will help serve you instead. Change your focus, change your results!

3 Strategies to ignite your inner fire….

1. Intermittent fasting and block fasting

This ancient strategy helps to reset metabolism and detox your body. It will regulate hormones and create more focus and energy allowing you to heal deeply.

2. Eat organic!

What you do everyday has a more profound effect that what you do once in a while. Food should be used as nourishment, not as a source of toxicity. By eating organic and local you are not only supporting your community but your body and mind.

3. Find your why?

Why is it important for you to lose weight? Do you need to lose weight or are you trying to fit into the societal norm? Are you just wanting to live a healthy lifestyle? Is it important for you to have more energy to be able to spend time with those you love? Ask yourself these questions and create a clear intention behind what motivates you. When you know your why, nothing can stop you!