How many times does your self talk block you from living the life you desire. It can be easy to put value onto things that are outside of ourselves. When we purchase a new vehicle, we get regular oil changes, clean it thoroughly, by all the accessories to make it look our own, and even give it a little glance as we walk away with a feeling of pride…I own that. Do you give your body, the vehicle that takes you through life that same attention? Do you feel that same pride when you look in the mirror? Do you value your body as you do your car enough to take care of it?

I bet the answer is no. This isn’t something we are taught, not in school and not at home, and yet it is the foundation from which we make our decisions from, these decisions can be anything from relationships, to careers and even the food we eat. Our self-talk and beliefs around what we are worth help us attract experiences in our lives that will directly mirror that for us. This same self-talk will even tell us if we are worth the investment when it comes to our health.

So ask yourself this question. Am I worth it? See what comes up. Is it a physical reaction? Is it a voice from your childhood telling you, you are not enough? Or are you making a conscious decision to put yourself last because there just isn’t enough time, money, or support?

Whatever the reaction, know you have a choice when you feel it, hear it, or choose it. In every moment there is a choice to choose a better version of yourself. One that is in the driver seat making life happen for you instead of to you. Why wait until tomorrow, the time is now, decide. Am I worth it? And see how life begins to respond!
Join Dr Sonya Jensen ND next Thursday as she dives into this very question. Am I worth it?! Learn tools to deal with those inner voices and shift them to create the life you really desire!