Weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, mood swings, irregular cycles, depression, and a general sense of not feeling like yourself. How many of you have felt this way or know someone who has? These common symptoms that we see daily in our practice have a common denominator, the thyroid gland.

There can be several reasons for why the thyroid decides to slow down, anything from pregnancy, chronic stress, to a secondary reaction to other diseases. You may know someone that has been on medications like Synthroid for years and yet is still feeling the same as before. Why is that? Why after giving your body the hormone it needs would you still not be able to lose weight, have energy to play with your kids, and all the other symptoms that go along with having a sluggish thyroid? The answer….cell inflammation.

When the cell is inflamed the messages from your hormones are not getting through, leaving you feeling just as you did before ever going on the medication. We hear stories all the time about how patients are exercising, eating all the right foods, have mindfulness practices and yet can not seem to get the results they know they can achieve.

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